Hamud M. Balfas

Founder of the law firm HBP, he graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia in Jakarta and a Masters of Laws from Boston University – School of Law, Morin Center for International Finance and Banking. Hamud also been a member of the Hubert H. Humphrey in the School of Management at the same university and the Academy of American and International Law (the Southwestern Legal Foundation of the University of Texas in Richardson, Dallas).

Hamud wrote extensively in various publications including “Islamic Finance News”, “International Law Offices”, “Finance Regulation International.” In addition, Hamud also wrote the text book “The Law of the Indonesian Capital Market” which is widely used in various universities (PT Tatanusa Jakarta: revised edition, 2012) and has also participated in the writing of a book titled “Guidelines for Corporate Legal Counsel” (LC Press, Jakarta: 2006). Hamud is also active as a speaker at various seminars and became a lecturer at the S-2 at the Faculty of Law and Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia.