Banking and Finance


HBP assists clients who want to enter Indonesia’s banking, financing and insurance markets, advising on all legal aspects of establishing and operating financial institutions in Indonesia. We prepare loan agreements and security documents for financial institutions, both within and outside Indonesia, and help investors to establish and operate mutual funds and pension plans.

HBP also serves as Indonesian counsel to foreign lenders on project finance and syndicated commercial loan transactions, and assists with corporate debt restructurings and workouts of all sizes and complexities.

HBP acts for banks both with respect to their regulatory and corporate needs and with respect to specific banking products e.g., lending (credit cards, consumers, commercial and corporate lending), funding (savings, time-deposits and negotiable  certificates  of  deposit),  money  markets,  derivatives,  financial institution and other treasury products, trade finance (letters of credit) and other financing transactions, whether secured or unsecured, within and outside Indonesia.

When a bank requires fund-raising in order to finance its working capital and long-term  corporate  needs,  HBP  assists  the  bank  and  serves  as  Indonesian counsel in connection with the issuance of bonds, medium- and long-term notes, subordinated bonds, securitization, asset-backed securities and other types of structured finance.

Our  team  of  lawyers  advise  on  matters  including  licensing  and  conduct  of business  requirements  for  banking,  money  lending,  securities,  futures,  asset management, corporate  finance, insurance, payment  service providers, remittance businesses, clearing houses, exchanges, trading platforms and other financial services, as well as those relating to commodity trading. We also advise on the financial regulatory aspects of mergers, acquisitions and reorganisations in the financial services sector, outsourcing arrangements, securities law and the structuring and distribution of new and innovative products for both wholesale retail markets.

In addition, we prepare and review financial institutions customer and transaction documentation, and provide advice, including capacity and netting opinions, on derivatives and other financial transactions.

By having our Advisory team members dedicated full-time to this field, we ensure that our expertise remains up-to-date in a challenging and rapidly  changing regulatory environment. Our Advisory team plays an active role in the consultation process for new legislation or regulations and is often asked by regulators and financial institutions for input or assistance on proposed regulatory changes